Muttley Royale is a new food truck in downtown Jersey City, offering traditional comfort foods with an edge.


The company is run and owned by two local residents, Julia Schneider and Jason Byrnes. For Julia, the effort follows years of working in restaurants and wanting to open her own. Since the cost of opening a brick and mortar business was daunting, the pair instead opted to go the more affordable food truck route and they’re pleased to be able to pass on those savings to their customers.
The idea behind Muttley Royale is to offer a satisfying experience for under $10 with meals and snacks prepared quickly for the busy residents and employees of downtown Jersey City.

On the menu you’ll find hot dogs that are deep fried, which not only cooks them quickly, makes them crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside and seals in the flavor. Other options include grilled cheese with gruyere and pimento, batter fried cheese curds and bread cheese sticks. Not sure what to order? For first timers, Jason recommends the dilly dog with fried pickles and dill aioli sauce (though he admits it’s hard to pick a favorite) while Julia’s partial to the bread cheese sticks with cilantro aioli sauce. (“Because, cheese.”)

As for where you can find the truck, locations will vary so be sure to check the Muttley Royale Twitter and Instagram feeds for updates. At this time, hours of operation are 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday.